Ultimate Goddess Pendant

Ultimate Goddess Pendant


This unique pendant was handcrafted by our trusted metalsmiths in India. This beautiful larimar & blue topaz pendant features a tube which replaces the bail where your chain hold the pendant allowing for an ellegant look as the top gemstone rests above the chain.  


Sterling Silver 925


Genuine Gemstone:

Larimar- Only found off the coast of the Dominican Republic, Larimar is a healing stone which brings the calm of the ocean to its wearer. It helps one connect to nature. Larimar helps one express their deepest fears and truth, alleviating fear and guilt.


Blue Topaz- Sometimes called the writer's stone as it knows how to finetune your focus so you can concentrate on the task at hand. This grace of clarity along with the encouragement to communicate from the depths of your spirit are important steps on the pathway to healing and finding your place in the wider world.


  • Care Instructions

    • Don’t wear Silver Jewelry while exercising or going in a pool, ocean, or lake.
    • Tarnish is natural for sterling silver
    • Use a designated, non-abrasive polishing cloth rather than harsh silver polish.
    • Amber and Opals can’t be worn in ANY water.
    • All stones range in hardness.