Size 5.5

Sterling Silver

Moldavite is from southern Bohemia in the Czech Republic. These were formed by a meteorite's impact in the Ries crater in southern Germany 14.7 million years ago.

Not only does Moldavite improve your mental horizon, but it also magically affects the heart. It targets the heart chakra, which is the base of your character's deep feelings, emotions, and spiritual parts. When this is activated, people get to experience that their emotions are all over the place.

Moldavite helps with meditation and peak experiences during meditation as well as making contact with other worlds. It's also known for: rapid spiritual evolution. chakra cleansing

Finger Print of Space Moldavite Ring

    • Don’t wear Silver Jewelry while exercising or going in a pool, ocean, or lake.
    • Tarnish is natural for sterling silver
    • Use a designated, non-abrasive polishing cloth rather than harsh silver polish.
    • Amber and Opals can’t be worn in ANY water.
    • All stones range in hardness.