Sterling Silver 92.5 


Available in four gorgeous faceted stones--only one available of each!


Emerald- "the Stone of Successful Love" is known for its properties of loyalty, unconditional love and unity. It is no surprise that this gemstone is given as a gift to celebrate a 35th anniversary. 


Ruby- Ruby gemstones generate an enthusiasm for life. It promotes joy and courage in everyday life, encouraging the removal of negative energies.


Moonstone- Stone of "new beginnings," promoting inner strength and growth. Moonstone inspires calmness, soothing stress and anxiety. Moonstone is also motivating and instills inspiration and intuition.


Black Onyx- Onyx gives strength and promotes stamina and self-control. It will expel your grief and encourage happiness. 

Faceted Stone Dangle Hoop

Stone Selection
    • Don’t wear Silver Jewelry while exercising or going in a pool, ocean, or lake.
    • Tarnish is natural for sterling silver
    • Use a designated, non-abrasive polishing cloth rather than harsh silver polish.
    • All stones range in hardness.