Hinge detail between stones allows for the perfect amount of movement and slight silver accent between the two stone settings. One of a kind. 


Sterling Silver 925


Genuine Gemstones:

Citrine- Citrine will bring new energy to all facets of life. It imparts intuition, happiness, and curiosity while strengthening your self-esteem and motivations.


Bloodstone- A stone which inspires strength and courage to face one’s obstacles and take the right action. Bloodstone can help one find their sense of self as well as assist their connection to the Divine.

Historical fun fact about bloodstone-

In the Middle Ages the red patches in Bloodstone were believed to be the blood of Christ.


Citrine & Bloodstone Pendant

    • Don’t wear Silver Jewelry while exercising or going in a pool, ocean, or lake.
    • Tarnish is natural for sterling silver
    • Use a designated, non-abrasive polishing cloth rather than harsh silver polish.
    • All stones range in hardness.

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