Adventure into ARt Gecko STate


Art Gecko State stays away from the crumbling walls

of "traditional" clothing labels and size charts. 

Our clothing is epicene.

It is not named for it's specific wearer.

The wearer chooses the specific garment to fit and express

their own wall-less individuality.

These wearers can be the ones who don't take things too seriously. 

They can be fun, sexy, shy, and smart, in complete harmony.

They're the ones who love and are loved.

Get in our State of Mind.

Journey through our clothing and jewelry. 

Scroll further to learn more about our

Madison, WI brick and mortar, ethical sourcing standards,

and eco-friendly practices.



Small Business with a Big Heart

Brick and Mortar at 510 State Street in magnificent Madison, WI.

You will see our funky tent and table set-ups at the majority of local events and festivals.

Our customers come from all over the world and every walk of life. They joyfully engage in our new collections with our dedicated and passionate staff of artistic individuals.



Big Hands, Small Batch

No Child Labor

No Mass Production 

Every item we feature is thoughtfully created to support local artists in cottage industries. These undiscovered artisans have protected and nurtured their artistic traditions for multiple generations.

We at Art Gecko State have developed deep relationships with the crafts-people of unique destinations for over two decades in business.

You can feel the emotional connections when you experience our incomparable collections and visit our engaging physical store. 

At Art Gecko State our production is taken on a serious moral level. There is no child labor, or any means or mass production that could cause any harm to any individual.

Art Gecko State's housewares, home decor
sarong tie skirt.JPG


Shop with Standards

Following our strong eco-friendly standards, we travel only once a year to visit our dear friends, artists, and tailors in beautiful Bali, Indonesia and intense India. 

During those annual buying trips we design and produce our inventory for the entire year. This reduction on travel and shipments has decreased our  carbon footprint on a dozen levels.

All garments are created with zero-waste guidelines, scrap fabric is saved for accessories and future productions. All papers and plastics are saved to be recycled for the packaging of our items.

Bamboo being the fastest growing plant on our sensitive planet,

is used for Art Gecko State's housewares, home décor, and merchandise displays.